Consultancy & Training

I offer consultancy, advice, workshops and tailor-made training. I am happy to work with individual teachers, individual schools, provide a training package for a group of schools or speak at a regional or national event. Some of the forthcoming events where I'll be a speaker include:

Language World, 4th & 5th April 2014 (cross-curricular links)

ALL Cumbria 10th May 2014 (Phonics)

The Janet Lloyd Network (JLN) conference, June 2014 (progression in phonics and literacy skills)

Here are some of the areas in which I can provide training:

Getting startedteaching primary languages (for 'terrified' teachers at KS2)

Language refresher course in French or Spanish

Getting languages into the KS2 curriculum (advice for head teachers)

KS2-3 transition

What does language teaching look like at KS2? (for KS3 teachers and HoDs)


Cross-curricular links



Story telling

Advice for primary language coordinators

Progression in primary languages

Policy and Planning

Putting on an event - such as a Languages Festival or Eurovision Song Contest

Intercultural awareness and understanding

Languages and Specific Learning Difficulties

What to do when a child in your class is a native speaker

Julie Prince 2014